Men's Dance Coaching

Odds are that one of the following applies to you:

- You have a wedding or date coming up and you don't want to look foolish while dancing

- You’re worried about losing women’s interest once you start moving

- You're often stuck in your head while trying to have fun dancing

- You feel self-conscious and stiff when trying to dance with friends

- You mustered the courage to dance but found yourself thinking, “What the hell do I do now? And what the FUCK do I do with my arms?!”

I hear ya, homie

You probably just want to get good enough to be able to know what you’re doing, enjoy yourself on the dance floor with friends (or that one special hottie), with the confidence that you look good throughout.

You don’t want to spend the entire time self-conscious, wondering what to do (especially with your arms), hoping nobody notices you.

Basically just a little more ease and fun, right?

I feel ya, buddy.

"I'd taken a few hip-hop classes before where the teachers get into these very complicated choreographies where there's 20-30 different moves to learn and you don't even learn one well before the next one comes. 
Ben has a totally different approach. 
His approach is not about choreographing or performing. It's about going out and having fun at a club or with your friends.
His approach is to show you the 20% of moves that will get you 80% of where you need to go. 
I tried hip-hop before and had pretty much failed and given up. Ben made it extremely simple for me. 

Michael Ellsberg, author of The Education of Millionaires 

Here's some of what you can learn from me:

- The foundational moves that will apply to 80% of the music you’ll come across at parties, clubs, and weddings

- What to do with your arms (if you don’t have a Corona to hide behind)

- How to put the moves together smoothly without having to constantly think about what moves to do next

- How to dance with a woman and hold her attention without learning lots of moves

- How to dance in close with a woman


[After one lesson]
“I owe you a big thank you man. I was out the other night, and ended up at a bar/club with my girlfriend and some friends. My girlfriend was all like, 'can't wait to see your new moves,' and I'm all like, "shiiiiiit that's pressure.
Anyway, I thought of the mechanics and ideas you taught me and gave it a shot (I had done a little practicing but not much).
I was prepared for the same old dynamic... but after a few minutes, she took a step back, said she was really impressed, and thought something about my dancing was completely different.
We had a damn great time that night.” 
Steven O.
"Last weekend I went to a bar on the Jersey Shore which had a live band and space to dance on. Most of my friends just stood in their own circle, but I went out there and was able to feel so much more comfortable. 
I could simply groove to the music, not worry about appearances and have a good time - people (guys and girls) definitely noticed!
Two women actually approached me and we had a great time. I was surprised myself with how easy and fun it became. It became, rather than a chore, a fun time."
Anthony M.

I don’t want to keep you around longer than necessary. I want you to get to the point of no longer needing me ASAP.

If this sounds up your alley, here’s what you do:

1. Fill out the form below

2. If it seems like I can help, I’ll let you know. If not, I’ll refer you to someone who may be better suited.

3. We arrange for a single trial lesson in my Brooklyn studio. We’ll cover the basics while also giving you a chance to see if what I’m offering is what you want. From there, we can determine what’s best for you to reach your goal.

Some men I work with 1x/week for a couple months, others prefer an intensive. That could be a three day intensive or, in some cases, every day for one week. Oh yeah, we're talking full on Mr. Miyagi style. 

*If you're not in NYC, CLICK HERE to learn more about my online course

"Ben, it is not at all an overstatement to say that beginning this is a personal revolution for me. This has already and will continue to change my life.
I can already feel it fundamentally changing my self esteem and attitude and making me a happier and more confident person. What was before my biggest source of fear, awkwardness and self consciousness has magically disappeared and been replaced by a source of happiness, joy, and fun."
Name *
Bonus points for any Bruno Mars song


"Ben might be a magician or possibly even a wizard. For my entire life I have been terrified to participate in any type of social dancing. Over time this crystalized into a belief that dancing was simply not for me and I was lacking in so what compared to those who could.
Breaking the years of bad-beliefs and zero practice did not take months and months of rigorous instruction, but only 2 hour long lessons! Yes within 2 lessons with Ben I was a changed man. (A changed dancing-man). 
Shortly after my lessons with Ben I was tearing it up on the dance floor at a recent party. I would never had the confidence or the moves to do so before." 
Mike G.
"This weekend I went dancing at two places per night and I had SO MUCH FUN. Multiple times, I seriously saw girls stare right at me and the come straight over to dance with me specifically."
John T.
[After two lessons]
"I'm now confident enough to enjoy myself and not look bad while I'm out there. I just wanted to thank you for your time and help. Literally, life changing."
Brit E.
There is a great dancer named Ben Weston,
whose lessons guarantee you more action,
giving old dog new tricks,
and helping the spastics,
get more spread than a delicatessen!
(Ben also cured my fear of dancing with other people around) 
E. Baierl
"Learning to dance can be a weird thing, because it's something you're supposed to know how to do already.  The real secret, though, is getting over that hump from awkward self-consciousness to total awesome freaknasty.
Taking classes with Ben was illuminating, empowering, and so much fun.  He puts together an inspiring environment that makes you stoked to get your groove on, even if its not something you're used to doing.  
Ben quickly helped us connect with the part ourselves that moves because we love it.  Within an hour I was equipped to take most beats and bust a move with them, and all I wanted to do was go out and get down!
Ben has a knack for taking all the little useful pieces and putting them together in a fun way.  His genuine and supportive warmth encouraged us to explore things even the weirdest patterns of movement. I feel more capable and stoked to be on the dance floor now.  Simply put, this man is amazing, and so are his classes."
Seth S. 
"Before meeting with Ben, I had no aspirations to be any kind of expert dancer. I simply wanted to learn the basics and give myself confidence to know what I was doing and enjoy dancing more. 

Within one hour, Ben helped me figure what I need to do to feel that confidence when out dancing with friends. He broke down the process so that I know exactly what to do with my body and when, so that I can kill it at my next wedding dance party or night out on the town!”

“I loved the class with Ben. He made me feel comfortable and was encouraging. Even when I was feeling super silly, he laughed with me or kept encouraging me ‘that I was on the right track.’”
Nabill I.
"I was at a party in Harlem a couple weeks ago, everybody was getting down, and I got a few compliments on my dancing!"
Matthew D.