About Me

I grew up terrified of dancing for most of my life. It took me several years to finally get over my fear of dancing. 

In college, I took break-dancing, contact improv, and swing dancing but dropped all of them because I would have a mini freak out anytime there was the potential for someone to see me dancing i.e. all the time. 

When I tried taking hip-hop classes, I was just taught choreography that didn't actually help me learn how to enjoy being out and dancing at a club with friends. 

That's why I'm doing what I do now. 

I'm teaching men what I wish someone taught me years ago. More than that, I'm helping men embody the most powerful, confident, and free versions of themselves on the dance floor. 

I've given a TED talk, spoken at Stanford, and been featured in Business Insider, the Daily News, and on Fox's The Better Show. 


Here's a sample of my personal dance style