So, who are you?

I'm just a dude that grew up terrified of dancing for most of his life. I didn't learn to dance until I was dared to choreograph and perform a solo dance routine for a show - in 2 months. I blacked out the first night but learned how to dance. (I'll count that as a win)

When trying to learn, most female friends were well intentioned in telling me to "just relax and feel the music" but let's be real fellas, that's like telling you to just relax and speak German. It ain't happening. 

Turns out that there are a few really key foundational moves and concepts to pick up, after which dancing at parties is stupidly easy. 

Like really, the bar is absurdly low for men. You can trip over the damn thing. 

You learned to dance in 2 months?

Well, I worked with two teachers to learn just the foundational material. And then I analyzed the world's best dancers in one specific genre (locking), took note of their commonalities, and then compared their execution of those moves to mine, frame by freakin frame. 

I then practiced everyday in public to become desensitized to the terror of people seeing me dance. 

I also got stress induced bloody noses for two weeks but I don't think you need to replicate that part of the process.

What's your experience?

You can check out some of the kinds things fellas I've worked with have said about me. 

I've also given a TED talk, spoken at Stanford, and been featured in Business Insider, the Daily News, and on Fox's The Better Show. 

How did you get into teaching men? 

I was at a bar with some friends and jokingly suggested that maybe I should teach men how to dance at clubs and weddings so they look good for the ladies. 

Both the men and women said I should. So I did. 

But honestly, I'm not that interested in teaching you dance moves. 



The dance moves to survive on the dance floor are pretty basic and don't take long to learn. It's like learning to drive a car. At first you're like, "WTF is going on?!?! How the hell am I supposed to keep track of all of dis shit?!?! I'm going to die!!" (at least that's what it was like for me) and then once you've picked up the physical mechanics comes the freedom of getting to drive wherever you want. 

Dancing at clubs/weddings/parties/your nephew's Bar Mitzvah is just another physical skill, albeit one that's usually overcomplicated. What I really dream of happening with you is that you feel like a freakin beast in your body, no longer stuck in your head. 

I want you not thinking about the dance moves and instead just enjoying spending time out with your friends (or that hottie from Tinder), gettin your funk on to Bruno Mars. 

So what kind of moves will I be learning from you? 

Best if I just show you. Here are some videos of my dancing. More is on my YouTube channel