About Me

I'm just a dude that grew up terrified of dancing for most of his life. I didn't learn to dance until I was dared to choreograph and perform a solo dance routine for a show - in 2 months.

I blacked out the first night but learned how to dance. (I'll count that as a win)

When trying to learn, most female friends were well intentioned in telling me to "just relax and feel the music" but, that's like telling you to just relax and speak German. It ain't happening. 

Turns out that there are a few key foundational moves and concepts to pick up, after which dancing at parties is relatively easy. 

My Experience

You can check out some of the kinds things fellas I've worked with have said about me. 

I've also given a TED talk, spoken at Stanford, and been featured in Business Insider, the Daily News, and on Fox's The Better Show. 


Here's a sample of my personal dance style