Do You Get Frustrated When You Can't Think of the Next Dance Move? Yeah, Me Too / by Ben Weston

Dancing sometimes frustrates me. 

Dancing knowing that other people will be watching me usually frustrates me.

Dancing in front of a camera, knowing that other people will be watching me ALWAYS frustrates me. 

I put this post off for several months because I didn’t want people to see me dancing when I’m frustrated and unable to look “good” and creative. 

I wanted to put out a video that perfectly highlights and showcases my unending well of creative movement and will prove that I am indeed, a dancer. 

This video wasn’t it. Watching this makes me cringe.

I went outside with the best of intentions. I put on my white pants (my dancing pants), some good shoes, and well-fitted sleeveless. I almost put on a fedora. 

That would have been too much. 

I was all set with my outfit, tripod, and music. I pressed play on the video and my music and then nothing. The music came on, felt good, and I  was ready to perform, to come up with moves, and make it look good and effortless. 

Instead, I ended up getting frustrated as hell. I couldn’t think of anything to do; what I did didn’t feel good; and the damn red light on the camera wouldn’t stop taunting at me. 

[You can see it in the video when I silently scream and dejectedly walk to the camera to turn it off]

The reason I decided to finally share this is because I want you to see that even though my profession is teaching men to feel confident on any dance floor, I still get frustrated as hell with myself when it comes to dancing. 

I still get frustrated when I can’t think of the next move to do. It’s like self-loathing quicksand, pulling you in to a deeper and deeper cage of “Why the hell can’t I do anything?!” the more you resist. 

So the next time you’re out dancing, feeling like you’re running out of moves, and getting frustrated with yourself, remember that it’s normal. Everyone experiences it. 

And hell, you can also be confident knowing that I’m probably off somewhere in my tight white pants also feeling the same frustration. 

You’re in good company, brother.