My Dance Student Almost Made Me Cry / by Ben Weston

Several months ago, I was contacted through my site for a private lesson.

All he said was that he was a beginner and wanted to learn the basics of dancing. 

I asked him why he wanted to learn how to dance and his answer floored me:


"My wife and I have been married for more than 35 years. We still go out to clubs and parties but I feel self-conscious when I try to dance her with her. It usually takes me a few vodka's until I stop caring and loosen up a little. 

But I want my wife to have fun. I want her to have a good time when we go out and not have to worry or feel like I'm holding her back. 

I may not have much rhythm or talent but I would do anything to make my wife happy. I love her just as much today as I did when I met her 35 years ago. 

I don't care how embarrassing this is for me. I would do anything for her."

I was literally holding back tears when he said that. 

I told him he's my hero. Seriously. 

And yes, he did end up learning some new moves and gaining some rock solid (sober) confidence with dancing. 

With love and funk,

P.S. His wife loved that he did this for her.