How To Be a Better Dancer Than 80% of the Guys At Clubs / by Ben Weston

A few weeks ago I was invited to visit some new friends I made that DJ'ed every Thursday night at a Bulgarian bar in the Lower East Side. They said that there was dance music and space to dance.

Give me space to dance and I'm an easy sell. 

Of course I get there at 9pm when there are a total of about five people: the bartender, my DJ friend, and a few people hudled together in the darkest corner of the room.

One of the few advantages of arriving uncomfortably early (and solo) was getting to see who actually gets on the dance floor. 

Now what I'm about to reveal is not meant to put down the guys that did get on the dance floor. If anything, I want to give kudos to them for getting down on the dance floor while relatively sober!

That being said, after seeing the following scene unfold in literally every public dance space, I can confidently say that it takes VERY little for a guy to stand out as a good dancer to women. 

- There's the guy doing the requisite Hitch two-step dance. There's nothing wrong with the two-step, but if you look as if you're bracing to get punched in the gut by Rocky, nuh uh. 

- There's the guy that looks as if he's in physical pain and is counting down until he can get off the floor. This night in particular, it was Mr. tall, dark, and freakishly buff that brought a cute girl on the dance floor and proceeded to two-step while literally cringing.

- My personal favorite - the Creeper. This guy will stand on the dance floor while sort of swaying to the music. He's not on beat at all. I'm pretty sure he's unaware of the beat. Instead, he's surveying the land, scanning for his prey. 

With all of that said, here's how to be a better dancer than these guys:

A. Move to the beat in a relaxed manner. It doesn't have to be fancy at all! Just try to actually enjoy the music.

B. Smile. Seriously, almost no guy smiles while out dancing. You want to be approached by women? Stop staring, start smiling, and actually enjoy the music.