What's Possible From A Single Lesson / by Ben Weston

This just made my day.

This dude took a single lesson with me a couple of weeks ago and sent me this email:

"I owe you a big thank you man.

I was out the other night, and ended up at a bar/club with my girlfriend and some friends. My girlfriend was all like, 'can't wait to see your new moves,' and I'm all like, 'shiiiiiit that's pressure.'

Anyway, I thought of the mechanics and ideas you taught me, and gave it a shot (I had done a little practicing but not much).

I was prepared for the same old dynamic, as I thought I hadn't refined the moves you taught me to a presentable level...but after a few minutes, she took a step back, said she was really impressed, and thought something about my dancing was completely different.

We had a damn great time that night."
- Steven

Fellas, I love y'all. Now stop bitching about not being able to dance  :)