I Still Haven't Watched My TED Talk / by Ben Weston

I didn’t realize I'd be giving an actual TED talk until I walked into the TED headquarters for rehearsal and there was Chris Anderson, owner and curator of TED.

He was there to watch and give feedback. And 60 Minutes was there to do a TV segment.

Maybe I shouldn’t have worn a ratty tank top and jeans.

After my rehearsal talk he said, “This has the potential to go big and make a huge impact.”

After my talk the night of the event, he walked on stage and said, “I bet that if we put that video up on the TED site now, it would get thousands of views instantly…most of those views coming from me watching it over and over again.”

Sadly, despite the high praise from him and other members of the TED team, I was emailed months later that I would not be put up on their site.

I received that email on my birthday.

I still haven’t watched the video, but I know I am *damn* proud of how I showed up that night.

And I know there’s at least one man out there that can be impacted by this message.