Have you ever watched circus artists and secretly wished to yourself that you could do a fraction of what they do?

Maybe you're convinced, however, that because you are some combination of too old, not strong enough, not flexible, not ready, that you can't. 

It's never too late.  

You may not be able to join Cirque du Soleil, but you can still learn to do astounding feats with your body.

We'll find a few moves that you'd like to learn and then start cracking on them, no matter what your current fitness level is. There's always a way to make it work for your body, regardless of whether you've been injured before, can't touch your toes or have never done a pushup. 

Oh, and you'll end up enjoying your workout and getting a pretty rockin body in the process too =)  


How to get started: 

I only work with a few select men at a time to ensure that you have my full support and that your success is inevitable. I also want to ensure that we're a good fit.  

If you're interested, please click on the link below and I'll get back to you as soon as a spot for private coaching opens up. 

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A great coach is honest and encouraging at the same time and has the technical expertise to know exactly what training program an athlete needs.  Ben is that way.  He is honest with his athletes about how far they need to go.  At the same time, he celebrates wherever they happen to be on their path.  

Coaches like Ben always give their athletes a reference point and inspire them to work hard and have fun.   It’s an art form and Ben is a master.

I am in my mid-40s but it doesn’t really matter.  Ben was an outstanding coach for me just as he is with people of all ages.   

If you work with Ben, you will get strong and develop an agile body. You’ll probably be thrilled to discover new limits.  He had me safely working on back handsprings and other gymnastic tricks that I had long
given up on (did I mention I’m in my mid-40s?).  It was a joyous experience.  The only thing I haven’t forgiven him for is moving away from Seattle and forcing me to find a new coach.  

But, I think you're safe. Contrary to my wishes, he plans to stay in Brooklyn.

- Steve Copps